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‏Who we are?

We are Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd. Braced in our team of Consultants are expert Professional Statisticians, Data Analysts, Economists and Engineers well knowledgeable to deploy their in-depth experience and skills into the wild to meet our clients needs.

Our Company

Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd had been on existence as of the time of her inspection in 2011 by vibrant young Innovative Data Analyst Consultants in the commercial hub of Nairobi, Kenya. Driven by their passion for Africans and the continent for proper use and implementation of qualitative data analytical solutions for unbiased decision making. Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd was recently annexed in one of Africa’s largest commercial market; Nigeria in 2018. Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd. evolved at such a critical time when most organizations on the African Continent and the globe are kin to stay fit in the competitive labour market. Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd, having satisfied all mandates and expertise agglomerated for her to kick-start operations on the Nigerian market, was legally registered and licensed by Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd incorporated team of experts and Data Analysts Consultants within and outside the shoreline of Africa. These experts have in-depth background knowledge and experiences in diverse field of Sciences, Social Sciences, Research, Finance, Administration and Governance. Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd are driven by strong cravings and interest to improve the condition of business, lives and activities that requires statistical data analysis and survey for strategic planning purposes. Infinite Data Analyst Consultants utilizes raw data generate from field survey, websites, social media, laboratories, interviews and observations across industries and population of interest to make outstanding predictions & recommendation on issues of concern to our clients. Infinite Data Analyst Consultants are brace with an outstanding knowledge, skills and experience to confront the present-day challenges faced by business ventures, industries and Government in order to gain proper insights for better strategic planning and reporting, qualitative researches, decision making that guarantee success in achieving organizational mission statement and mandates.

Frequent asked questions

What do you offer at Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd.?

Infinite Data Analyst Consultants offer diverse range of services that cut across Market Research, Statistical Survey (mobile data  collection apps ODK, kobocollect), Design of Experiments, Data Analytical solutions, Strategic Planning, Report writings, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Development as well as Training and Workshops in use of Statistical software packages. These services offered are handled by a team of Professional experts in areas of Mathematics and Statistics braced with versed knowledge and experience in these areas and ready to deploy them to the wild.

How reliable are your services?

Infinite Data Analyst Consultants offers a range of services that can be compared with the world standards in areas of Data Analytics and Strategic Planning. These Analysts were pulled from all over the globe to collaborate as a team, driven by passion for quality and value for Data analytical solutions, we  decided to offer something unique and promising to all her clients for proper insights and organizational resource management.

Are you clients valued worth at Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd.?

At Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd, we hold our clients so dearly and treasure them like gems in our forever night sky. We treat them as “Kings and Queens” holding them with high esteem ensuring their survival in the rowdy competitive market.

How protected is my Information at Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd.?

We know the value and worth of our clients’ information and will by no means allow our clients’ information be disclose publicly or discuss with competitors. We are empower by clients’ who have entrust us with their private and confidential information never to disclose it by no means. Therefore, on no account will this confidential information be disclose without his/her consent in accordance with our patent and privacy policy.

How affordable are your services?

We offer diverse and affordable consultancy services that ranges from Statistical Survey data collection to Trainings, Workshops and Seminars with reasonable pricing options that incorporate all societal strata of our clients especially at the grassroots level such as tertiary institutions and SMEs industries.

How long does it take to complete a task at Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd?

Knowing the present-day working challenges in the broad market, our services are stipulate to cover shortest period of timeframe, usually  one week to six months depending on the nature of the service the client needs and the manpower to be deploy

Why should I hire the services of Infinite Data Analyst Consultants?

Right Expertise

This is where it pays not only to be really good in your chosen field, but also to have a track record that speaks for itself. Our Data Analyst Consultants are braced with the right knowledge, skills and experience equitable to handle complex challenges that give our clients sleepless nights.

Problem Identification

Sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organization to identify it but lack the right skills and knowledge to make coherent meaning from these patterns. That’s when we come in to do the thinking for you and help you visualize escape routes from churn accumulated data.

Objectivity and Code of Conduct

Knowing our vision and mandate as Data Analyst Consultants, we are professionals, well trained, ethical individuals that at no cause will put our reputation to the gutter. We are neutral in reporting our findings and recommendations so as to promote quality and value in the lives of our clients.

Mastery of Statistical software packages, Theories & Practice

At Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd, we have great team Experienced Statisticians, Data Analysts, Economists, Optimizers & Engineers  whom whenever  called upon to solve our clients’  needs are ready to share in their skills, knowledge and experiences. Of course, it’s in our line of duty to keep up with developments in our clients’ field of expertise so we are ever ready to teach new clients what they need to know to stay fit and boot in the rowdy competitive market.

Bring new life to an Organization

If you’re good at coming up with ideas that work, then you won’t have any trouble finding clients. At one time or another, most businesses need someone braced with the right skills, knowledge and experience in areas of Data Science to make meaning from churn organizational data and surveys information for better organizational functions and deliveries.

Supplement for inexperience staffs

Most business Organizations discovers it can save thousands of dollars a week by hiring us when they need our services rather than hiring full-time employees. They also can save additional money because they don’t have to pay benefits to the us when our recommendation are yielding fruits.

Our Company

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