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  Meet our team of Experts

Our Experts are ranked among the best in Africa and the world with the right knowledge you seek in order to make your Organisation withstand the tsunami pressure from the competitive rowdy market of the 21st century. We work as a team driven by our strong passion and interest in maintaining standards in Statistical Surveys, Strategic planning, Research and development, Monitoring and Evaluation another other sphere of Data Analytics.

Meet our Data Analyst Consultants

Onoja Anthony

Onoja Anthony is the CEO/Lead Strategic Compliance and Data Analyst of Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd. He is very smart, intelligent, skillful and experienced Data Analyst/Statistician with immense experience in areas of strategic planning and reporting, Data Analytics, High Dimensional Statistics, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Bayesian Data Analytics, Biostatistics and Inferential Statistics. He holds a Master Degree in Mathematical Statistics and BSc (Hons) Statistics First class Division.

Viona Ojiambo

Viona Ojiambo (PhD) is the leading Senior Strategic planning, Research and development Manager of Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd controlling the East Africa Region (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania). She is brace with in-depth knowledge, skills and experience in areas of fluid Mechanics, Industrial Mathematics, Thermodynamics Modelling and simulations. Higher order Differential equations, and market research Analysis. She is well verse in areas of Strategic planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Power and Energy alternative solutions. She hold a PhD in Applied Computational Mathematics, MSc in Computational Mathematics and BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences.

Oluwatosin Babasola

Oluwatosin Babasola (PhD in-view) is the Senior Strategic Financial Marketing Data Analyst of Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in areas of Stochastic Financial modelling, Applications of Higher order Differential equations, Time-series and Volatility modelling, Market Research and strategies. He is brace to deploy his knowledge and experience to solving problems in areas of Oil and Gas, Insurance and Banking Industries. He is currently undergoing PhD Applied Statistics University of Bath, United Kingdom. He holds Master of Degree (MSc) in Financial Mathematics University of Cape Town, South Africa, MSc. Mathematical Sciences and BSc (Hons) First Class Division, Mathematics.

Ogundare Oluwabunmi

Oluwabunmi Chidinma Ogundare is the Manager/Senior Statistician of Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd in the West African Region (Nigeria, Benin, Ghana and Cameroon). Anointed with mantle and mandate to handle complex challenges evolving in various industrial and organizational sectors’ competitive 21st century market across Africa. She holds a Master Degree (MSc) in Statistics, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Statistics with countless other training and certificate courses in areas of project management, Asset management, Data Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Muhammad Bala Aliyu

Muhammad Bala Aliyu (PhD) is the Senior Strategic Management Planner/ Entrepreneur Expert of Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd. He has passionate interest and experience in areas of Oil and gas, Power and telecommunications industries. He holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Business Administration, MPhil in Entrepreneurship and a BSc in Management. He has several accumulated knowledge and experience to handling complex challenges and scenarios in industrial specific technological issues, alternative energy and power models, entrepreneurship and market researches.

George Orwa Otieno

Prof. George Orwa is the Senior Statistician/Research Expert Advisor of Infinite Data Analyst Consultant Ltd. in Africa. He is brace with in-depth knowledge and experience in areas Statistics and Actuarial Sciences. His main research areas include: Sampling Survey theory and Statistical Inference theory. He is currently the Dean School of Mathematical Sciences, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi-Kenya. He also serves as the organizing Secretary to the Kenyan National Society.

Our Vision

To deliver qualitative data Analytics Consultancy services for strategic insights, unbiased decision making and implementation processes in achieving organizational mission and mandates.

Our Mission

To gain strategic insights from every piece of information that guarantee Organizational Success.

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