What we do?

We offer qualitative data analytics services (survey, design of experiment, sampling survey approaches, data analysis, interpretation and strategic planning reports) for organizational comprehensive strategic planning survey report documentation. We implore and share in our immense expertise, knowledge and experiences to help businesses, NGOs, government organizations and government parastatals attain their organizational goals, missions and visions in detecting their past, present and future status quo in the competitive market and proffer lasting solutions for organizational successes in areas of concern. Also, for our clients to have a summarize, visualize results of their data for decision purposes. 

Why Infinite Data Analyst Consultants?


Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd. offers such a great deal of services that can be compared with the world standards in areas of Data Analytics, market researches and Strategic planning reports documentations with our unique and diverse team of Experts, harnessed from the far and wide breadth of Africa and the globe with in-depth knowledge and experiences in areas of expertise.

24/7 Support

The availability of a team of experts in Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd. makes us deliver a high level of services to all our clients. In retrospect to ethics and research norms, and when it comes to privacy of our clients’ confidential information, 100% guarantee to our clients at no cost whatsoever will their confidential information be exposed to competitors or make available for public consumption without their consent.

Quality & Privacy

Availability of a team of experts in Infinite Data Consultancy makes us deliver a high level of services to all our clients and when it comes to privacy 100% guarantee to our clients at no cost whatsoever will their information be exposed

Affordable Pricing options

We offer diverse and affordable data analytics consultation services that ranges from customer/employees’ satisfaction survey reports, data analysis, training and workshops/seminars with affordable pricing packages options that are affordable to everyone.

On-time Services Delivery

At Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd, time is a very crucial and important resource that we are determine to maximize at all cost. Therefore, time wastage with regards to task assignments is highly minimal because our team are always on a standby to attend to the needs of our clients and in no way whatsoever keep our clients in waiting beyond agreed timeline.

Reliable and Convenient

Accessing Infinite Data Analyst Consultancy services are not limited to anyone or anywhere, you can request what you need to be done by just a click of a button away from anywhere anytime or in case of any inquiries you may require us to do for you and we will be right there to immense ourselves in finding solutions to your needs.

Our core areas of Expertise

Whether you are a Human Resource Manager, CEO, NGOs, MD, SMEs, Manufacturer or a Media Agency, you have one thing in common: too much information and too few actionable insights, leaving 95% of this generated information getting waste in time and space. Infinite Data Analyst Consultants Ltd help you overcome challenges specific to your organization—whether Customers’ lack of satisfaction issues, Employees’ under/over utilization and lack of job satisfaction issues, market researches surveys for new start-ups, actionable insights for proper decision making, etc. Big Data Analytics 

Market Research 

Training, workshops, seminars and presentations 

Statistical Survey data collection, Interpretation, Analysis 

Non-parametric tests 

Industry-specific Technology Solutions Monitoring and Evaluation 

 Epidemiological Researches  Artificial intelligence 

Report writing and Strategic planning 

Our Clients


Our Vision

To deliver qualitative data Consultancy services that create strategic insights, unbiased decision making and implementation processes for diverse kind of Organizations

Our Mission

To gain strategic insights from every piece of information that guarantee Organizational Success.

Our Offer